Happily Ever After Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes

Our Wedding Cakes are top of the line! We can make any flavor cake for you plus our buttercream icing is made fresh everyday. We have cake testing offered during your consultation so call today for an appointment!

Your wedding cake can be:

  • Sleek And Sophisticated
  • Romantic And Dreamy
  • Bright And Colorful
  • Themed
  • Traditional Style

Anything you can dream and everything in between!


Traditional meets modern in this fancy wedding cake! The green flowers is a great offset color for the white frosting and black lacy design.


Don't forget about the Groom! We can bake the Groom's cake in any flavor or design. Most men like to have their cakes reflect their favorite teams, hobbies or media!


Peacock feathers and white roses bring this wedding cake into the dreamy future! The decorations accented with different shades of blue, green and white.